SCITTELS Programmes

SCITTELS offers training courses for primary trainee teachers in a number of different pathways. We currently offer the Tuition-Fee QTS and the QTS with PGCE courses. For candidates who already have experience working in schools and have a school in place to employ them, we offer the Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship

Primary training is available through the SCITTELS in the 5-11 age phase (Key Stages 1 and 2) in the 3-7 age phase (Early Years and Key Stage 1).

Please explore the links below to find the most suitable course for you. 

Ready to apply? Then use the Apply for Teacher Training website to submit your application to us. 

Tuition-Fee QTS Only

This route leads to the award of Qualified Teacher Status at the end of the course.

Tuition fee QTS with PGCE 

 Our most popular route leads to Qualified Teacher Status and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship 

The Post Graduate Teaching Apprenticeship is a salaried route for experienced candidates who have an employing school in place.