Mentor Curriculum

At SCITTELS, we recognise that the work of the mentor is critical to the teaching profession. The training of teachers drives the quality of the education service, and the mentor is at the heart of that training. The mentor has a unique relationship with the trainee and their influence is the major determiner of the success, nature, and quality of the new teacher.

To mentor is to guide, support, and facilitate. It involves enabling, managing and instructing, role-modelling, reassuring, and directing. Inevitably, the mentoring process requires direct teaching, but crucially it also requires encouraging the trainee so that they develop confidence in their ability to become a teacher, helping them through difficult transitions. Mentors are experienced and expert teachers, and they are expanding their experience through their mentoring. 

We offer all our mentors bespoke training on SCITTELS protocols and procedures, as well as NASBTT-accredited mentoring and coaching training, to ensure continuing professional development and support for our school partners. In 2023, SCITTELS formed the East London Mentoring group with other local SCITTs including LDE, NELTA, and PLS to provide our mentors with a wide-reaching professional network and to work collaboratively to meet the requirements of the 2024 Department for Education ITT accreditation process.


(Image from our first conference day in July 2023)