The Selection Process

Throughout the selection process, we will be assessing whether you have the personal qualities and attributes appropriate for a teacher; the potential to complete the programme and become a good or outstanding teacher; and the potential to meet the Department of Education’s Teachers’ Standards.

Stage 1: Pre-Selection

Scrutiny of Application Form

The first stage of the selection process is the scrutiny of the application form. We will be looking for evidence that you have met (or have the potential to meet) the entry requirements. You should ensure that you demonstrate this explicitly when completing your application form.

Stage 2: Selection Day

English Tasks

Spelling task:
Candidates will undertake a short spelling activity, where they will be given a selection of words and will have to select the word spelt correctly.
Punctuation task:
Candidates will be given a short passage of writing, where they will be asked to add the missing punctuation to the sentences.
Grammar Task:
Candidates will be given a series of sentences that will need to be corrected. This will give the candidate the opportunity to demonstrate that they can write accurately in Standard English. 


You will be asked to bring a number of documents with you to the selection day. It is very important that you bring the required documentation.

Teach a Skill

In order to assess your potential to teach, including the ability to present information clearly, and to reflect on your performance in order to improve, you will be asked to teach a skill. You will plan a 5-minute lesson and present this to adults who will learn the skill. (Details and expectations of the lesson will be sent to you before the interview day).


You will be asked a series of questions designed to assess your potential, this will include questions designed to assess your personal skills and qualities.

Indication of Outcome

We try to give an indication of the outcome on the day of the interview. We provide verbal feedback to unsuccessful candidates.


At SCITTELS we are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and so all successful applicants will be required to obtain an enhanced DBS certificate, including a check of the barred list.