Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a selection of FAQs we have been asked at SCITTELS by many of our prospective applicants. If you would like us to answer a specific question that is not listed here, please email

Do I have access to student support?

We pride ourselves on the high level of support that we provide for our trainees. Trainees work with tutors to devise an Individual Training Plan which details the support they need throughout the programme, this includes very careful selection of placement schools in order to meet trainees’ needs. All trainees are allocated to a school based mentor, a member of staff from their placement school who is responsible for the training and assessment of the trainee. All trainees are allocated to a Professional Tutor, employed by SCITTELS, who usually visits the trainee every half term, with additional visits if needed. These visits are more frequent than most other providers. Programme managers and centre based staff provide additional support as necessary. If you have a special need or disability we urge you to discuss this with us as early as possible so that we can make any necessary adjustments and provide the support that you need.

Does SCITTELS training lead to an academic qualification?

You can obtain the award of Post Graduate Certificate in Education comprising of 60 M level credits, if you successfully complete the general PGCE or the School Direct Tuition Fee Funded Programme. These programmes are validated by a Higher Education Institution (HEI), currently Goldsmiths University

Will I be working with children every day?

There is a significant amount of school based training in all of our programmes, although this varies according to the different programmes.

What resources will I have access to?

Centre based training takes place in a purpose built training room at the lead school. The training room has a class set of laptops for use during centre based training. Trainees can also borrow a book to use off site.

All trainees have access to a Google Classroom where they can access programme materials and share resources.

Trainees on the general PGCE or the School Direct Tuition Fee Funded Programme have access to university library facilities including on-line library catalogues. Centre based training includes a session on how to use these facilities and is delivered by a member of staff from the university library service. As part of the SCONUL scheme, trainees also have access to the library of any participating HEI within the M25.

Who will teach me during my training?

School based training is delivered by practising teachers and senior members of staff. Many trainees are placed in outstanding schools and in classes with outstanding teachers. Centre based training is delivered by staff who have both academic and practical expertise in their field, for example borough advisors or academic consultants. SCITTELS professional tutors also have significant experience of primary education as many of them have been head teachers of partnership schools, and many have experience of working in ITT in HEIs.

How will I be assessed during my course?

A number of different people are responsible for assessing your progress towards the standards. Your practical teaching will be assessed by your school based tutor and professional tutor. In addition to the expertise that they will draw on when assessing you, SCITTELS provides high quality training and support in order for them to carry out this role effectively. Tasks and assignments are marked by professional tutors or centre-based staff. Again, SCITTELS ensures that markers have the necessary skills, knowledge and training to be able to carry out this role effectively. Rigorous quality assurance procedures ensure that assessment is carried out effectively and fairly. These procedures include joint observations of your teaching, and second marking of assignments.

How do I get school experience in preparation for interview?

The DfE can support you with gaining school experience through their School Experience Programme – see for more information or to register. Contacting a local school is also often a good way to get experience. Many schools are often happy to welcome potential teachers for short periods of voluntary work. It is unlikely you will gain experience in the first school you ask, so perservere and contact lots of schools. Try using any personal contacts you have to make links with schools – for example if friends or family work in a school. If you are unable to obtain school experience yourself, please email SCITTELS as we may be able to help.

Do I need to have a DBS check before I apply?

You do not, and you may not request it yourself. If you are successful at interview, you will complete the necessary paperwork and we will request DBS clearance for you, before you can begin on the programme.

Will I get a job at the end of the course?

The majority of our trainees secure ECT positions in schools in which they have trained or in another school in east London. If you decide not to work in east London the skills that you develop prepare you well for teaching further afield.