Our Vision and Ethos

At SCITTELS our vision is to develop excellent teachers who deliver high-quality and inclusive learning experiences for the diverse children of East London.

 We are immensely proud to serve a beautifully diverse and vibrant community. Children from ethnic minority backgrounds form a large percentage of our schools' intakes and we must do all that we can to ensure that our society gives them, and their families, the same respect, opportunities and quality of life as everybody else. 

 Our role as adult human beings is to educate ourselves and actively seek out ways in which we can create a better future. We need to read, listen, discuss and learn... and that must never stop.

 Our role as educators is to ensure our children are taught to do the same. One way of doing this is by making sure that we provide our children with a rich and varied curriculum that promotes a true love and appreciation of different cultures.

 SCITTELS trainees will leave knowing that everyone of every race, ethnic origin, nationality, gender, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, political belief or social/economic group should be celebrated in our conversations with children.

 Trainees will learn to fill their book corners, displays and resources with inclusive, diverse, inspirational texts, images and role models, and will be guided to look for opportunities to promote inclusion and diversity at every opportunity. This forms the groundwork of anti-racism, and instils in children the understanding and confidence necessary to challenge any form of injustice.

 As the accredited provider, SCITT in East London Schools (SCITTELS) provides a high-quality, school-led route into achieving Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) through its provision of School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT), in accordance with the Department for Education’s ITT Criteria.  SCITTELS has a long history and established a reputation for working effectively in partnership with local schools. 

SCITTELS and Colegrave School Direct Initial Teacher Training Programmes (salaried and PGCE non-salaried) have a strong identity. The programmes are designed primarily to prepare and inspire trainees to become confident teachers in primary schools in our partnership. Our aim is to recruit the highest quality applicants, including those from the local area. Our trainees come from a wide range of social, cultural and employment backgrounds. This rich diversity of previous experience has proved to be a strength of our ITT provision and provides a model for successful inclusive practice that trainees take into their schools. We actively seek to recruit from minority groups underrepresented in teaching, but who represent the diversity of our demographic. Our programmes have a strong commitment to preparing teachers who will value and build on the linguistic, religious and cultural diversity that pupils in the communities of our partnership schools bring to school and who in turn, will prepare all children for life in a diverse society. We expect trainees to have high expectations of all children, and to support all children to meet their individual needs including the needs of those who: are bilingual; have special educational needs; exhibit challenging behaviour; are high achievers, and are growing up in challenging social and economic circumstances.  

The SCITT programme represents the first step in an entitlement for early career teachers to the ITT Core Content Framework. Our responsibility is to attract, recruit and retain high calibre trainee teachers to meet national and local needs.