At SCITTELS our vision is to develop excellent teachers who deliver high-quality and inclusive learning experiences for the diverse children of East London.

We are immensely proud to serve a beautifully diverse and vibrant community. Children from ethnic minority backgrounds form a large percentage of our schools' intakes and we must do all that we can to ensure that our society gives them, and their families, the same respect, opportunities and quality of life as everybody else. 

Our role as adult human beings is to educate ourselves and actively seek out ways in which we can create a better future. We need to read, listen, discuss and learn… and that must never stop. Our role as educators is to ensure our children are taught to do the same. One way of doing this is by making sure that we provide our children with a rich and varied curriculum that promotes a true love and appreciation of different cultures and backgrounds.

Anti-racism is an active and conscious effort to work against all aspects of overt and systemic racism. By embracing and adopting an anti-racism approach we are consciously structuring our activities to reflect our values and actions to address our systemic barriers to race equality. This requires solidarity, bravery and honesty in recognising that there remains much to do and we must work collectively to listen to experiences and tackle these inequalities.

Trainees will learn to fill their book corners, displays and resources with inclusive, diverse, inspirational texts, images and role models, and will be guided to look for opportunities to promote inclusion and diversity at every opportunity. This forms the groundwork of anti-racism and instils in children the understanding and confidence necessary to challenge any form of injustice.